What services do you offer?

Harvard Test Review offers academic tutoring for special needs, mainstream, and honors students— K–12, as well as college students in math, reading, writing, science, and ESL. We also provide expert test-prep tutoring.

In addition, we offer tutoring for study skills and (should you wish) will design an individualized learning program, so that your child can enjoy a variety of educational, enrichment, and fun activities during the summer.

Where do tutoring sessions take place?

We will tutor in your home or in a location of your choice, such as the public library. We do require that you or another adult be present at all sessions.

How does scheduling work with your tutors?

Our tutors will work with you to arrange tutoring sessions. To ensure that the tutor you’re matched with meets your availability, please discuss your scheduling preferences with Dr. James.

How frequent are the tutoring sessions?

The scheduling depends on your needs. However, our tutors typically meet with students from two to four times a week, and the sessions usually run from 1 to 3, depending on the student. The minimum session length is 1 hour.

How often are tutors paid?

Tutors are paid after every lesson. You should receive your money within a week.

How are tutors paid?

You may choose to be paid via direct deposit, cash or PayPal.

Am I qualified to become a tutor?

If you answer all of these requirements, you are on your way to be qualifying to become a tutor:

  • Have a valid Social Security Number or EIN
  • Are eligible to work in the U.S.
  • Are available to tutor at least one hour per session
  • Are experts in your subject
  • Possess strong oral and written communication skills
  • Are a college sophomore or higher, or have a degree from an accredited U.S. or Canadian University
How do I cancel my tutoring appointment?

You will need to call your tutor or Dr. James at least 24 hours prior to the start of your scheduled appointment.

Do you provide online tutoring service?

Yes, we do, via skype; it depends on the tutor, however. Please discuss that with Dr. James or your tutor after one is assigned to you.

What can I get help with?

Our tutors can assist with studying, test prep and homework help in Math, English, Science, etc. Please take a look at a complete list of the subjects covered by our tutors.

Will my tutor just give me the answers?

Our tutors don’t just give the answers; they explain the concept (s) to you and help you get the answers.

What if my tutor can’t help me or you are not 100% satisfied with the tutor?

If your tutor doesn’t know how to help with your specific question, he or she will be happy to transfer you to another tutor right away (and you won’t lose any minutes while you wait). If you ever have a session you’re not completely happy with for any reason within the first hour of tutoring, you simply let the tutor and Dr. James know and request for your money back within 24-hr, and the funds will be returned to you. Tutors are simply not allowed to sign up for Tutoring unless they first agree to guarantee their services. Therefore, there is absolutely no risk for you to book a tutor, as your money is safe with us should there be a problem.

How do I cancel my tutoring session?

To cancel your tutoring session, you simply call your tutor or Dr. James at least 24 hours before the session.

What are your tutoring rates?

Our rates vary, depending on the services provided and/or the package plan. Please give us a call for additional information.

How does HTR screen tutors?

We use a rigorous selection process to screen our candidates: 1) They must have a proven track record of successfully tutoring students. 2) In addition to their academic credentials and subject-matter expertise, our candidates are assessed on their teaching, mentoring, and communication skills, along with their academic credentials and experience. 3) Candidates must have a phone and a face-to-face interview, followed by a reference. Tutees or parents may also order an optional background check on a tutor through First Advantage. NOTE: HARVARD TEST REVIEW DOES NOT REQUIRE ITS TUTORS TO HAVE A BACKGROUND CHECK CONDUCTED ON THEMSELVES.

What are your tutors’ qualifications?

We Require: Demonstration of expert-level knowledge of subjects during interview, integrity, professionalism, and a passion for helping students learn and achieve their potential. Also, our tutors must have extensive tutoring and/or teaching experience, demonstrate exceptional teaching skills during interview, have prior teaching and mentoring skills or credentials and have a history of academic excellence. Ability to develop and teach individualized learning plans and friendly and personable demeanor are also a must.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

Yes, a minimum of one hour is required.

How will you match a tutor with my child?

In a free initial consultation with Dr. James, he will review with you your concerns and your student’s needs, goals, and learning style; then he’ll match your student with an outstanding tutor.

How do I stay informed about my student’s progress?

Your tutor and/or Dr. James will provide you with regular feedback on your student’s progress. Also, we strongly encourage your ongoing comments or opinion.

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