Harvard Test Review special is an individualized, online study resource and exam preparation that gives students and/or parents online access to thousands of lessons and questions in English, Math and Science, aligned to the curriculum of your school. Practice questions are designed for students to check their knowledge or understanding of the concepts. It also helps direct students and tutors to specific lessons (based on the results of those quizzes), so that tutors can spend tutoring time mainly, if not entirely, on the concepts the student is struggling with. Students and tutors can assess weaknesses and strengths through the practice quizzes.

Features include are:

  1. Online quizzes with full solutions and instant feedback
  2. Results are being tracked, so that a learning game plan can be implemented
  3. Tutors may use results to individualize tutoring
  4. Students, parents, and tutor can keep track of progress in real time
  5. Login anytime from anywhere
  6. Online and Mobile 24/7
Summer Program
Package valid only from June 1st – August 24 $900 1 Student 10 Hours of tutoring
Your tutor will sit down and meet with you and show you how the program works. Once a week, your tutor will meet with you and go over lessons, review homework and quizzes, and then give feedback. At the end of the program, based upon the results and a future game plan for the upcoming school year, you will get a personalized report from the tutor.
Independent Learning 24/7
Independent Learning provides 24/7 online access to students, parents and tutors. We will set you up in the system and show you how to use and access the program. Should you need one on one tutoring any given time, we will be able to help and address your strengths and weaknesses. $100/month
24/7 Online Practice Questions
You have the benefit of hundreds of practice questions/tests, including detailed explanations, at your fingers tips for each specific topic or chapter. $10/day or $40/month
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