Video Testmonials and Reviews

” Dr. James was extremely flexible with my schedule. I was a month away from taking my ATI and he helped me to pass the ATI as well as study tips to pass the NCLEX. He is very smart and can tell your weaknesses and base the tutoring on that. He makes sure you study and do work on your own; so make sure you’re ready to work. What I liked best is that I know the type of student and studier I am, so he geared the tutoring towards how I study. He is not only talented in tutoring but genuinely cares. He wanted to know when I took my ATI and wished me luck on the day of, as well as when I took my NCLEX-RN. Highly, highly recommend! ”
            – Taylor V.


Nursing Student
“A great person and tutor! James knows how to meet the individual at their level and even though James is far above the person he tutors he always makes the person feel comfortable and encouraged. James is a great person to work with!This session helped me to become more comfortable with using conversion factors between units!”
            – Carson


Nursing Student
” This session helped me to become more comfortable with using conversion factors between units!”
            – Dave V.


“I took the NCLEX-RN 5 times! Yeah, that’s right, 5 times! I know some people who gave up their second attempt, but that wasn’t going to be me and that CANNOT BE YOU! If you’re reading this review, then I know that you have what it takes to fight through it! You have the courage to overcome your fears and actualize your dreams; it should not be a matter of if you pass but rather when you pass it. With that said, I would like to tell you that you must stick to the 4 Ps: be Patient, be Positive, be Persistent and be a Prayer, if you’re a person of prayer, such as myself. The first 3 are absolutely a must to get through the daily grind of studying, as well as the fluctuation of emotions that come with it.

In my first attempt, I was clueless. I had passed the Comprehensive HESI I took at the end of nursing school and used Saunders to review for the NCLEX (which, by the way, was great for HESI but not enough for NCLEX), and so I thought I was ready and took the test. The NCLEX questions were a different breed of beast… I got beat up by it. I had up to 200+ questions and, unbelievably, ran out of time. On my 2nd attempt, I was anxious and ran out of time, so I rushed through. I used Kaplan to prepare and read the HURST book. I must admit, their programs did build my knowledge; I watched the videos, read their books and did all of the QTrainers/Qbank with rationale review and got decent scores. However, in my opinion, it wasn’t enough to get me over the edge to pass the NCLEX. I know that different things work for different people, and every prep course has its pros and cons, but I felt that the downfall of Kaplan was that their questions were not as difficult and diverse as the one I got from Dr. James at Harvard Test Review.

My third and fourth attempts, the people at the center knew my face and name…but they were pretty cool. I did not feel embarrassed and felt dedicated and determined. IT’S ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE! I went almost to the end, about 260+ questions and failed by a hair. I was shocked and felt robbed, but I knew that I just needed to tweak a few things to stay above the passing line. I felt that I needed something different, so I started researching and asking around and was told about Dr. James (thank God!) by a friend who told me to give him a try because his review had helped her boyfriend passed the NCLEX with 85 questions on his third attempt.

In my fifth attempt, I virtually had all the nursing review books, such as Lippincott’s, Saunders, HURST, Kaplan, and so on. They are all good reviews in their own ways… Nonetheless, I felt all these to be too overwhelming, so I narrowed it down. I put the majority of my concentration on Dr. James’ review, as recommended by my friend and him. As soon as I started going through his material, I thought to myself, “Where have you been all this time… that was precisely what I needed to get through this! I went through all of the content thoroughly, did all the practice questions and took notes; I was gradually improving as I went along. Also, I reviewed all the rationales and looked up anything I didn’t know, and kept working on my strategy as well throughout. Do what you have to do to stay motivated! Visualize success and keep working towards it.

Some advice for you: you’re not going to know every topic or med on the NCLEX, so let that go, and just focus on understanding why the correct answer is correct and review your rationale’s, content and strategies . Not everything works the same for everyone. We ain’t robots, we are people, and different types of test takers that read at different speeds, have different strengths and weaknesses, different backgrounds, etc. I do well in the classroom setting but hate standardized testing. REMEMBER, this is not a test of content as much as it is a test of safety. How can you safely treat your patients, given the knowledge you have & the information provided? Dr. James’ review course totally prepares you for those harder questions, like priority and alternate item. If you need additional priority or alternate item practice, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND those two books: 1) La Charity: Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment, and 2) Lippincott’s NCLEX-RN Alternate-Format Questions 5th edition (has 300 or so questions). The day before the test, review lab values, infection precautions, question strategies, and medication endings/functions; take time off to relax the rest of the day and slept early the night before the exam. If you began to panic during the test, I take a deep breath, controlled your emotions, pray and/or take a short break to recollect yourself. Take a break if you feel like you just want to get it over with and choose an answer.

Finally, when you are taking the test, just think of patient-centered care. If I passed it, I know you can too! And if you can make it through nursing school, you will then make it through this; the same dedication/determination and belief that got you into and through nursing school will get you your license. So be kind to yourself. No matter how many times you have to take it, you DESERVE to be a nurse because you will show the same dedication to your patients and fellow nursing family to give the highest standards of care and compassion always. Your dedication shows you do have what it takes to be a nurse… so let go of the negative thoughts and experiences you have, and visualize your success… believe in yourself! I may not know you, but I am excited for the day you post your success story on this website; I know it’s just a matter of WHEN, not a matter of If.

Keep calm, take care, and nurse on!!!”
            – Marleen C.


“I just found out I passed w/ 75 questions on my 2nd attempt! Thank you so much Harvard Test Review, w/out your review, I don’t think that I would have passed. If anyone EVER asks me about a review course, your review course is THE ONE. Hang in there everyone; keep the faith, stay strong, and stay positive… it’ll happen”
            – Beth F.


Thank you Harvard Test Review for helping make my dreams a reality! I will recommend your program to all my nursing student friends. 
             – Carla P


PRAISE THE LORD! Finally after the 7th try, I am a BSN-RN! First of all, if it wasn’t for the Lord, I wouldn’t have passed the NCLEX. Please allow me to share my testimony with you: I went to an excellent school and graduated in 2014, so for me content was not an issue. My school, paid for us to do Hurst review and we had Kaplan included in our tuition; and so I had more than enough material to prepare for the test. However, those reviews didn’t work for me. First time I failed at 125, 2nd time 160, and 3rd time 259… I was crushed. In Florida, after 3 times, you have to take a remediation course, and so I was sad and dead in my spirit. The remediation course start at about $1,000.00, and I completed that remediation course by the grace of God and I had my three chances again. Now, I was ready to take the NCLEX again and I FAILED: 4th time 255, 5th time 259, 6th time 265. I was ready to just give up. Each of my result was near passing and above passing. What was I doing wrong? At this point, I was not going to pay for another remediation course (couldn’t afford it), so I applied for another state and I said, “This is the last time I am going to take it. I’m a mother, I’m smart and I serve an awesome GOD, and so I WILL NOT, IN JESUS NAME, TAKE THIS TEST AGAIN. I know that my issue was not contents, it was just understanding what they were asking me.

Therefore,  I took Dr. James’ review and followed his schedule to the T… Even though I was scoring 75% and up, I made sure I read the rationales for every question. I was that determined. I prayed every day, before and after I studied, did my daily devotional and even started to thank God in advance for the passing already. On the day of the exam, I got up, drove to the testing center with an exciting spirit and was ready to PASS! Before I entered the testing center, I prayed in my car and asked God to give me strength and that I didn’t want to take this test ever again… Ironically, when I started the test, it seemed so easy. I clicked and moved clicked and moved. By the time I got to number 76, I started to feel scared but I said “God is with me.”. I clicked…77….78…and all of the sudden, the computer shut off and, immediately, my eyes filled with water and I just started thanking God repeatedly; I couldn’t stop crying even after I left the testing center and went to my car because it was such a blessing, a relief, freedom, broken chains, no weapon against me! I knew in my heart that I had passed. This morning, 48hrs later, my husband paid the quick results and it said PASS!!!!!!!


Thank you so much Dr. James, and thank you Lord!!!”
            – Samantha A.


” Dr. James is a brilliant and inspiring man who was very patient, helpful, and supportive. I found friendship, guidance, and knowledge in Dr. James. Without Dr. James, I would’ve never passed the TEAS test. Wherever I may go in my life, I will always remember that I had an excellent guide in the form of a teacher. I thank Dr. James for inspiring me to become like him some day. ”
           – Wil M.


“Dr. James is more than a tutor- he is a life coach, extremely patient and helpful no matter what time of the day it is to assist you with any TEAS questions or other problems that might come into play. He focuses on your developing your weakness and enhancing your strengths in whatever subject matter. FIVE STARS.”
            – Nevice J.


” He’s very kind and helpful, and he made me feel accomplished in my TEAS prep”
             – Christopher L.


” The tutor was very encouraging and helping me through the entire process step by step! Thank you so much! ”
           – William G.


Organic Chemistry
” Dr. James was excellent. This was a tough course and we worked through it together. ”
            – Chung K.


” I just wanted to let you know that Keisha’s semester report card came, and she earned a solid B+ in Science; she was thrilled! I am very proud of her because I know how hard she worked and studied. She benefited greatly from the support of your tutor, Ernst — she could not have done it without him. We feel very blessed to have him our lives twice a week. His upbeat attitude is quite refreshing. As I listen to him explaining things to my daughter, Keisha takes it to heart when he is talking her. I’m very happy that we were able to find your service and look forward to more tutoring support in the future. ”
             – Debby K.


” Nick was great at simplifying the subject. I will definitely use the service again. ”
            – Allen C.


” Quite possibly the most brilliant tutor to have ever existed!”
            – Charmer J.


” Tutor was helpful in guiding me through the problems/errors I had.”
            – Suzanne B.


Organic Chemistry
” This helped a lot. I had missed school and didn’t know what was going on, so I am glad that I gave you a try! ”
            – Kristie K.


” Good job! I understood the concepts very well after my session”
            – Tom A.


“Dr. James is a wonderful tutor. He has helped me with my studies in all areas of concern. I was quite impressed by his teaching skills. In just a short time, he has taken me to a new level of understanding of the material that I needed to master. Thank you so much doc, you are a gift from God; because of your excellent teaching and coaching, I can see a light at the end of this tunnel!”
             – Suzanne D.


Biology & Pre-Calculus
” Harvard Test Review has provided my children with excellent tutors in pre-calculus and biology. My children were performing poorly in these classes until we started working with the HTR’s tutors. Their tutors know how to explain the key concepts, work with my children to ensure understanding of the concepts and are well-educated in the subject matter. After each session, the tutors keep me informed about how my children are doing and suggestions for continued improvement and study. ”
            – Sandy T.


” Dr. James has been our daughter’s tutor for over 6 months. Our daughter is typically very shy with new adults, but warmed to Dr. James immediately. They have a great working relationship and he has not only helped her with her Algebra and Science skills, but has also helped her to increase her self-confidence. Dr. James is always punctual and extremely professional. He also helped us as we worked with the school to get our daughter the help that she needed starting with a 504 and eventually the development of an IEP. Dr. James has been instrumental in getting our daughter back to being successful at school. We would highly recommend Dr. James as a tutor for any student including those students with special learning needs. ”
             – Kelly B.


” I expected a tutor would assist in getting my son to finish some homework assignments, explain geometry, and untangle algebra. What I did not expect was that my son would find someone who — besides making clear the Pythagorean Theorem — is willing to assist with pragmatic speech and socialization skills. My son looks forward to the sessions, has found a positive role model, and is invigorated and enthused again. I think he is back on track to graduate. ”
             – Paul S.


” He knows his stuff, great tutor!”
            – John J.


” Our tutor, Rebecca, has been superb in helping grow my daughter’s self-confidence in pre-algebra substantially, as well as her focus and motivation to work. Preparing for her tests is less stressful for her now and myself as well. Rebecca is a great role model and demonstrates key traits, such as strong patience and organization. We look forward to continuing to work with her.”
            – Tatiana B.


” Wow, my tutor went thru my homework step by step and made everything seem easy. ”
             – Jason F.


” Fantastic tutor, to the point and extremely smart.”
            – Sheila A.


” I was failing my math class and tried Harvard Test Review as a last resort to help me prepare for my upcoming exam. Later, the next day, I took the test and got an A, which raised my grade from a D to a B-. Praise HTR! ”
             – Marc V.


Algebra II
” Amazing, I would have failed my test without her”
             – Zach D.


” My session went very well; I was very pleased with all of the tips and personalized information given to help my specific needs.”
             – Adrian P.


Summer Study Program/ADHD
” Thank you, Harvard Test Review, for setting up a very successful summer math study program for my grandson. He was overwhelmed and unable to get organized because he has ADHD. Your choice of tutor was excellent. My grandson and he worked extremely well together and successfully completed a review of the 6th grade math curriculum in 8 weeks in a relaxed environment. The school administrators have reviewed the tutor’s progress report and will now give my grandson additional support. Thanks a bunch! ”
             – Caroline W.


Algebra & English
” Your tutor patiently helped my daughter develop an effective approach for doing homework and provided her with strategies for each step of writing her research paper. As a result, she received good grades and her self-assurance increased. With your tutoring service, I no longer have to work with my daughter nightly, and this has reduced the stress level on both of us. Evens was an outstanding tutor, and we look forward to working with HTR again this school year. ”
             – Lynn B.


English                                                                                                                                             ” Rebecca has been doing a great job tutoring my son on his reading and writing abilities. She really cares about her students and is truly an educator. As Rebecca is fair and sensitive to my son’s needs, she has helped improve his self-esteem and confidence tremendously. She also goes the extra mile by working with my son’s teachers to target areas for tutoring. I am very pleased! ”
             – Cathy G.


” Amazing tutor! Helped a lot ”
            – Louis W.


” I love your services. It helps me so much, since I am not able to get help at home with homework. Also, it’s nice when an extra set of eyes is needed to proof read. All of the tutors that I’ve had are great and are so helpful… ”
             – Steph T.

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