Why Harvard Test Review

Our Approach Works!

ThumbAt Harvard Test Review Inc., we believe that every student can succeed with the right support. We are committed to your success, and you will find that our tutoring can be quite effective and affordable. We will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your continual progress in achieving your academic goals.

Many of our tutors are graduates of top universities and have advanced degrees (such as master’s, medical and doctorate degrees) and/or teaching credentials. They are extremely knowledgeable about the subjects they tutor and they use their expertise to effectively help students with their educational needs. Their competence enables them to be effective tutors to students from all backgrounds and level.

You will receive personal attention and mentorship to establish trust and develop motivation. Our tutors will help you overcome learning obstacles and get you ready for your exam (s) or test prep. They focus on building and strengthening study and organizational skills, time management and consistency; they also strive to instill and strengthen creative thinking, critical reasoning, and self-direction by encouraging the inspiration and self-confidence needed to fulfill academic and lifelong goals.

We have many satisfied parents and/or students continuing with us year after year because of their children’s successes. We are pleased that so many of them refer us to their friends and neighbors.

An effective relationship with you is essential. Our founder, Dr. James, will continually monitor your progress and provide you with feedback. Our tutees or clients know that they can count on us to equip them with the tools and strategies they need to boost their academic performance. To select a tutor, Dr. James will review your concerns, your needs and goals, as well as your academic strengths, challenges, and learning style.

Moreover, we work jointly with a clinical psychologist who can provide assessments, therapy, and advocacy to you or your child if deemed necessary. She works closely with families to support students with educational concerns and challenges.

We look forward to helping you succeed. Let’s start today!

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